1st ART exhibition

At the february 2016 I took a part in the Young Modern Artists exhibition in Brest/Belarus. It was  a good & useful  experience, because the are tons of small but important things on a way of exporting your idea to real life.

The image by itself was born in 2013 after  manipulations with a macro photo, of  leaves & flowers. There is quite popular trick to mirror  an image to get an abstract  & more complex Forms, that was how I got this  “alien head”.


My interest in to macro photography is based on the idea of capturing  complexity of the forms & patterns generated by the Nature. Most of the time those natural Structures   looks chaotic for us, but Chaos, by it self, is just an order but on a more higher level of organisation, than regular patterns. So I tried to use this natural complecity to produce the image with a meditative effect.  Such effec should be achieved because of a big number of small details of each object presented on a photo, so while investigating all of them, observer will be immersed in a process, fully focusing attention of the image.

The next level of visual complexity provided by the a symmetrical organization of the Object  – it works  in a same way as in Rorschach test images – so each Observer is able to give a  personal interpritation of the object he looks at – this way each Person has a chance to touch to unconscious part of his Personality.

Rudolf Arnheim wrote a very good book related to the topic  “Art and visual perception”.

First image based on .jpeg file had a pure quality – because of that I was not able to print it in a large size, so I reasambled it, one more time, using original .Raw file & the Idea of the  Image was changed,  as a resault:

blue-05Below You will find some photos from the assembly process & Exhibition opening.


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